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Golf & Event Registration
For a foursome, the team captain completes the RSVP tab, proceeds to "Guest Ticket" tab to request tickets for the other players and additional guests for dinner-only.To register a single golfer or dinner-only guest, fill out "RSVP" tab only
Choose Your Tickets
Event Registration/Ticket Level
Person 1    $
Person 2    $

For golfers, enter Handicap & Cart need (Y/N)

Choose Your Meals
Person 1 
Person 2 

My Golfers
Purchase Tickets for the additional golfers on your team and dinner-only guests. These tickets will appear in "My Guests" in your "My Account" page after you cart check out.
Add More Tickets
Please assign names to your guest golfers. After check out go to "My Account" on the Blue Ribbon, click "MY guests" in left column and register names to your guests.

Ticket LevelMeal ChoicePriceQuantityAmount
Dinner Only $45.00 $
Golf + Dinner $150.00 $

Cash Donation
Feel free to make an additional cash contribution! If you would like to designate the use of your donation, let us know in the Message Box
Choose A Donation
$ DonationDonation $


Purchase tickets for the Helicopter Golf Ball Drop scheduled just before the shotgun start.
Choose Merchandise To Purchase
Helicopter Golf Ball DropGuest MessagePriceQuantityAmount
Helicopter Golf Ball Drop - Qty 1 $10.00 $
Helicopter Golf Ball Drop - Qty 3 $20.00 $
Helicopter Golf Ball Drop - Qty 20 $100.00 $

Purchase Information
RSVP Ticket Total $    
Guest Ticket Total $    
Cash Donation Total $    
Merchandise Total $    

Total    $
Payment Information
Enter credit card info., Click on "Purchase Foursome" to pay; next page is Payment Confirmation for receipt & click on "Go to My Account to name name Foursome members"".

Payment Method
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