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We are thrilled to announce our Spring Memorabilia auction!  We are auctioning off some cool memorabilia to help raise money to cover our expenses. We are planning to run at least four and maybe even five times this summer and nothing about these boats is cheap! If you think that it costs a lot to fill up your car with regular gas, imagine filling up an 80 gallon hydro tank with 114 octane racing fuel!

The auction will open at 8am Monday April 22nd and will close at Sunday April 28th  at 8pm Pacific Time. Please review the items and bid generously. Every dollar helps.

The Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum is the nation's only public museum dedicated solely to powerboat racing. Formed in 1983, our Mission: is to inspire and motivate learning and achievement while honoring, celebrating and preserving the legacy of Unlimited Hydroplane racing. The museum features an incredible collection of vintage hydroplanes spanning seven decades, including boats that have won 17 Gold Cups.

The Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum is also the nation's primary resource for historical and educational information on hydroplane racing. Our extensive collection of books, magazines, race programs, newspaper, photos, trophies, and other memorabilia dates back to the turn of the last century. We have over 200 hours of rare, vintage racing films transferred to videotape, covering hydroplane racing for the 1940s to the present.

The stories of famous drivers are here as well. Legendary Bill Muncey, Ron Musson, Mira Slovak, "Wild" Bill Cantrell and other past drivers are featured, plus information on many of the top modern drivers, including Chip Hanauer.

In addition to great archives on the the history of hydroplanes, our museum is also a fully equipped boat restoration shop. Over the years, we have restored seven of the most famous Gold Cup and Harmsworth winners to full running condition. They include the Miss America VIII (1929 and '31 Harmsworth winner); Slo-mo-shun IV (1950, '52, and '53 Gold Cup winner); Slo-mo-shun V (1951 and '54 Gold Cup winner); Hawaii Kai III replica (1958 Gold Cup winner); Miss Thriftway (1961 and '62 Gold Cup winner); the legendary "Green Dragon" Miss Bardahl and the 1967 Miss Budweiser. Most important, these great hulls have been restored by Museum members, people like you who loved the boats and simply could not see them fade away.

David D. Williams Executive Director


 Thank you for supporting our Museum as we preserve the history of these magnificent race boats.