Welcome to Spirit of the West, the 2018 Nativity School Gala

  Saturday, April 28, 2018

The annual Nativity School Gala is our second fundraiser of the year. Along with the Star Campaign, all proceeds will form an essential part of the schools operating budget for the next academic year, so the support of all of the school’s family and friends is very important!


At Nativity we are a family focused, caring community that provides our students a rich environment rooted in the Catholic faith. This is what makes our “village” special! The gala isn’t only about fundraising but a community builder that brings all of us together making our school community even stronger!    


What a perfect time to build community, make new friends and to reconnect with people you haven’t seen for a while. If you are unable to attend, please donate your tickets to our wonderful teachers or staff. This is the time when we can all come together and work on behalf of our most important assets; our children!!  

So, look lively Nativity parents and friends let’s saddle-up and purchase your tickets !  

Also, There will be many upcoming volunteer opportunities to offer up your time and talents. Your patronage is needed to keep building this wonderful community and to make this a successful gala!

Finally, a special thanks to Peter Campagna & Tricia Cotts who helped with this year’s fabulous gala logo and website!


Thank you to our sponsors!