Welcome to the Port Townsend  Rotary Auction

Auction runs from Monday March 15 - Saturday March 27, 2021
Fund a cause, Imagination Library, Sunday March 21

Our communities and neighbors need our support now more than ever, and we deeply appreciate that you are here to be part of the solution.
Thank you for your generosity, from all of us.

Feel free to browse, create a Wish List, and bid on your favorites.  Additionally, Cash Donations for Grants  are greatly appreciated. See the About PT Rotary tab to discover all that we do in our communities. 
To bid you must have an account with our secure system and have your credit card stored.  If you must pay by check, please contact Jo 424-333-5413 or Cindy cindy@ravenrook.com.  You will not be billed on most items until the auction closes.
There is an Add Item to Wish List button on each item's page. When you return you can find this list on the My Account button, then on the left side tabs.  
AUCTION TYPES - There are 3 different auctions:
  1. Biddable Items* and Own It!**  These auctions close on March 27th.   The winning bidders will be notified. If you approve, your credit card will be charged.              
  1. Purchase/pay now: Parties or Wine Grab or Balls, and Cash Donations.  These items are charged to your credit card immediately. We recommend that you peruse these items on the left (Party, Wine, & Balls SHOP HERE) and take notes, then purchase them all at once on the top tab: Party, Wine & Balls BUY.  Cash donations also work this way.
      *   The fair market value of the item shows on the tiles.
      ** Own It! is a one-click full-value purchase. These are needed/wanted items that you might purchase anyway... but thanks to the donor's generosity, that money will now go to Rotary.  To bid put the value in "My Bid" box or click "Buy Now!".  To pay more than the value, please donate cash on the upper tab.
DELIVERY: Be sure that your mailing address and other info is correct on your My Account tab
Gift Certificates: will be mailed, 1st class.

Tangible items:
 -  Rotarians will deliver in the immediate Port Townsend area, before April 3rd.  Care will be taken: the deliverers will wear masks, gloves, and keep a respectful distance. You will be contacted to discuss delivery.
 -  Or you may pick up the items, before April 3rd 
 -  Please call to set a date/time for delivery or pickup: Sheldon: 209-484-0099  or   Shelsport@aol.com
 -  Some lighter tangible items can be mailed. Each item description lists the weight. You will be charged for postage.

Questions? Contact Maestro Master Jo: 424-333-5413 or rocketmama@verizon.net

Happy Bidding!