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September 26, 2015 

Thank you for your gift to the 2015 CanCan Party and Fundraiser. As you know, we give healthy women from all walks of life, a fun way to learn what they can do to feel more in control and less in fear about cancer. That means that your generosity supports our mission to put more women into action about their health, giving them tools for early detection, prevention and self-advocacy.

Thanks to the support of our sponsors, table captains, and guests like you, we are pleased to report that the event raised a gross total of over $384,500. Corporate matching can double your gift and increase our ability to educate more women: please check with your company to see if they have a policy that enables them to match your donation.

We are truly grateful for your support of CanCan. Thank you, and we hope you will keep up with our efforts at www.cancanhealth.org throughout the year.

With gratitude, Heike Malakoff

Executive Director & Founder 

Not too late to donate:  http://www.cancanhealth.org/donate/  

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