Roses and Rosemary is an international humanitarian organization that provides medical assistance to orphans and their communities as they struggle to overcome the hardships of HIV and poverty.


We aim to release these children from economic, social, and physical poverty. The goal is to be an advocate for these children by providing direct medical and social assistance to those most in need around the globe.


You are invited to our Serengeti at Sundown wine tasting event to celebrate the work we perform saving lives. Join us at this hip location with an amazing view Mount Rainer, planes landing on Boeing field, a sunset and the world famous winery.


Date: June 16th, 2018


Time: 4:30PM –8:00PM


Location: Charles Smith Wines Jet City Winery

1136 S Albro PL Seattle, WA 98108


Parking is limited so we recommend Uber/Lyft.


Price: $50


Drinks and Food: Numerous wine tasting stations, heavy appetizers and African entertainment included.


Dress Code: Summer Cocktail


Roses and Rosemary’s work has grown from modest beginnings in 2004 when a few Seattle friends meeting over happy hour felt compelled to help 8 children orphaned by the HIV pandemic in South Africa. Today we are a fast-growing organization where children in 9 locations in 4 countries are now reaping the benefits of our assistance and vision.


We work with those that need our assistance the most, children in developing countries without a family or government assistance, those whose health is at risk and have a disease which is treatable so that they may live a full and healthy life. We are advocates for vulnerable children in developing countries.

Thanks to generous organizations like yours, we could send funds to programs in Africa. For example: The First Lady of Rwanda, Imbuto Foundation and in Lesotho, Touching Tiny Lives an orphanage strongly supported by the UK’s Prince Harry amongst seven other very deserving locations. All of them providing real support to those in need.

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