TG - 4 Front Row Tickets To Select CWA Events and up to 4 Free Passes to all CWA Family Fun Nights

Clear Water Academy is pleased to offer FOUR (4) RESERVED front row VIP seats at all CWA events and free admittance for up to FOUR (4) to all CWA Family Fun Nights. Events include but are not limited to:
-Elementary Christmas Concert
-Dr. Sax Presentation in October 2017
-Salsa Night
-Pasta Night
-Spring Play
-And so much more!

No paying for tickets, simply waltz past the line and proceed to the most coveted seats in the house - an unobstructed view with your name on it. Maximum viewing pleasure achieved!

Dream Come True
Category: Online Auction
Donor(s): Clear Water Academy
Minimum Bid: $100