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Life's a Picnic

A Tisket-A Tasket! Enjoy an afternoon in the park with with this beautiful hand-woven basket! Perfect for a Summer Tote, or playful Beach Bag.

Lay out your picnic on these 2 HERA Peshtemals , one orange, one olive Turkish Towels. 39x70 (100x180cm) 100% Cotton - These traditional thin cloths pack down small, dry quickly, and don't hold onto sand, making them a must for any day at the beach.

Make it romantic with a baguette, a bottle of wine and candlelight! Three (3) Black and White Tea Light Sleeves will help warm the mood!

Value: $143
Category: Sports & Outdoors
Donor(s): Hilary & Bryan Fulton, Micki Larimer & Rodney Kinney