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TG - Support 10 students for a Week - $250

Yes! I will support the Student Recourse Center and help feed Sierra Students.

Hunger and food insecurity is real.

Sierra has over 5500 students who fall under the poverty line.
It was discovered that many of these students are having to make a choice to eat or pay for other college related expenses.
Some are forced to eat only once a day to make their funds stretch.
Hunger is considered a barrier to a student's success.
Hunger causes fatigue, lack of focus in the classroom, and makes students feel isolated when they are not able to eat.

No student should go hungry, no student should worry about warm clothing, and no student should feel lost or alone. Our goal is to establish a "Student Resource Center", a food and clothing closet that offers services and support to our most vulnerable students, hoping to ease their stress so they can stay in school and concentrate on getting their education.

You can help achieve this goal.

Only 98 Left!

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