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CA 2004 - Hanging Wall Decor - 3rd Grade Art

Just like the discs, our children are all linked together by the school bond, held together and lead by the strong branch which represents Mrs. Hamayan and Mrs. Rover. Macrame has been the "it" home decor the last few years, welcome to the next level wall art for 2019. 100 raw wooden disks were hand dipped in Japanese marbling paint by the kids in the class. Each child selected their colors, floated the paint on top of the water and swirled it. After they got their preferred swirls, they hand dipped each disc in the water/paint. Then the discs were connected to each other with O rings and finished with polyurethane to bring out the colors and protect the piece. All evenly balanced, then connected to a natural bird branch and jute rope for hanging on your wall.

Category: Class Art
Donor(s): 3rd Grade Class
Minimum Bid: $40