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L - How Much Is That Puppy In the Window?

As many of you know, we went on a search for an auction puppy. In our auction, we have been switching off having puppies from breeders and shelters. This year our puppy is from a breeder. We would like to introduce Bandit, a loyal and incredibly sweet, classic Sheepadoodle who will grow to about 50 pounds and 22 inches tall. Sheepadoodles are a wonderful cross between a Standard Poodle and an Old English Sheepdog. The Sheepadoodle is a willing and easily trainable student. He's both a clown and a scholar who will keep you laughing at his shenanigans and amazed at his intelligence. Happy and easy-going, the Sheepadoodle has a tender heart that responds best to positive training. The luxurious, soft, non-shed coat requires regular grooming. Active without being hyper, Sheepadoodles require regular age-appropriate exercise and mental stimulation and can be an excellent choice for families that also enjoy their relaxation time!
Bandit is a puppy who is quite playful and loves to interact with both adults and kids alike. He is handled daily so is more comfortable and socialized early. Bandit will come with current vaccinations, health certificate, vet exam, docked tails, crate and other puppy goodies to get you started on this amazing adventure. Our greatest hope is that this amazing dog can find its way into an amazing forever home.

Unconditional Love
Category: Live
Donor(s): Shangri-La Construction
Minimum Bid: $500