A 108 - Membership in the Kenmore Air Frequent Flier Program

At Kenmore Air we think your travel should be just as much fun as your destination. Remember when flying was an exciting experience - really cool aircraft, gorgeous views and excellent service? We do!

Whether you're traveling for pleasure or business, our seaplane flights are far from your average airline experience. No big airports. No long lines to get through security. No need to show up hours before your flight! It's a whole new perspective - the way flying is supposed to feel.

Why spend long hours in ferry lines or waiting at the border when you could fly to the San Juan Islands, Victoria or Seattle in under an hour? Our scheduled flights to over 45 destinations are an easy, hassle-free alternative.

As a family-run Seattle seaplane airline with a warm and effortless approach to hospitality, we are dedicated to creating memorable experiences for travelers.

Stand-by only

Value: $600
Category: Travel (Local)
Donor(s): Kenmore Air Harbor, Inc.
Minimum Bid: $180