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ON P1035 - Kids Pack - Puppy Books, Air Popper, and Pancakes!

Check out this fun kids pack:

Package Item 1: The Puppy Place Series by author Ellen Miles are books about puppies finding homes. There are four books included in this pack. Welcome to the Puppy Place--where every puppy finds a home! Lizzie and Charles Peterson love dogs, especially puppies. So it is perfect that the Petersons are a foster family for young dogs. They will adopt a pet of their own one day, but now they are happy to help puppies find just the right home.
-"Goldie" She is a sweet golden retriever who needs a home. Goldie is very young. She doesn't know how to be a good puppy yet. Will Charles and Lizzie be able to help her?
-"Snowball" The Peterson kids hear about Snowball. Someone left the fluffy puppy all alone at a gas station in a tattered, old box. Snowball is sick and hungry. He needs a family of his own. Can Charles and Lizzy find one that is just right?
-"Shadow" When the Petersons meet Shadow, they know he is very special. He is a cute black Labrador retriever, and he is extremely smart. Everyone agrees that Shadow deserves the best. He will be the perfect
-"Rascal" The Petersons' newest foster puppy is Rascal. He is a Jack Russell terrier, and his name fits him well. He may be small, but he can cause big trouble. Lizzie and Charles are in for a challenge. Will they be able to find someone who will care for this pesky little puppy?

Package Item 2: Air Popper Toy

Package Item 3: Enjoy this $25 gift card to Scramblers. Scramblers is a breakfast, brunch, and lunch family restaurant. Scramblers combines original recipes and fresh ingredients into delicious food. There is something for everyone. Whether it is Scrambler's premium signature coffee, bottomless griddle, delightful egg dishes, tasty homestyle sandwiches, or crisp and flavorful salads you'll have a great meal at Scramblers.

Scramblers has three local locations in Roseville, Farmington Hills, and Canton open 6:30 AM - 3 PM daily.

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Donor(s): A Young 5's Family, Michael & Elise Hindelang, Bryan & Alexandra Lynch

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