SF - Faculty Item - Night of DNA Science

Why don't you like broccoli or other bitter flavors? Blame your genes!

Twelve guests will join Bishop's science faculty Julianne Zedalis, Lani Keller and Ben Duehr for a fun social evening to find the answers in your own genetic makeup that explain why it is you love or dislike certain flavors.

Beginning at 6:00 p.m. guests will meet in the foyer of the Michael & Marlene Teitelman Science Center for a cocktail party with hearty appetizers (that may include broccoli!) before heading into the laboratory (SCI 110) where, following a brief introduction to DNA and the lab protocol, guests will extract their own DNA from cheek cells. They will then perform the necessary tests to amplify the taster gene, use restriction enzymes and perform gel electrophoresis to visualize the results.

You leave with an understanding of basic genetic engineering techniques and the genetic basis of a fundamental aspect of neurophysiology - our ability to taste. The goal of this workshop is to illustrate how small genetic variations can have significant functional consequences, including the risk of developing a certain disease.

Only 6 Left!
Limited to 12 adults. Must be 21 or older. Mutually agreeable date, 6:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.

Category: Faculty Experiences for Parents
Expires: 4/27/2020
Donor(s): Ben Duehr, Lani Keller, Julianne Zedalis
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