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A Weekend for Six in Walla Walla with the Young Guns

They're called the Young Guns. They are a brotherhood of talented winemakers who banded together to collaborate, grow and support each other in their winemaking business in Walla Walla. They formed this elite group with a shared sense of purpose: to make outstanding, world-class wines. They swap ideas, taste each other's wines and pass on insight gleaned on the job. As a result, they have become lifelong friends and have forged great success in the Walla Walla wine industry.

Who are these Young Guns?

Justin Basel, owner, Solemn Cellars; Cameron Kontos, owner, Kontos Cellars; Greg Matinko, wine maker, Skylite Cellars

Beyond wine making, the Young Guns believe in mentoring up-and-coming wine makers and giving back to community. Tonight is a good night to be at Corks & Crush because the Young Guns are hosting you in their wineries in Walla Walla.

Six of you will have the rare and unique experience of a personally-guided wine tasting and lunch with Justin, Cameron and Greg. You will have their undivided attention for an afternoon of great company and fabulous wines at each of their tasting rooms. Lunch will be provided along the way.

Getting to Walla Walla is less than an hour away aboard Alaska Airlines. Before you finish your complimentary glass of wine on the plane you'll be touching down in wine country. Plan to stay for three days and two nights at a newly-built VRBO home just minutes outside of downtown Walla Walla.

There is a little homework involved in this item. Each wine maker has generously donated a vertical of their wines so you can sample some of their fare before you make the trek to W2.

Tonight you will take home:

Skylite Cellars Three-bottle Vertical - 2012, 2013, 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon

Kontos Cellars Three-bottle Vertical - 2012, 2013, 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon

Solemn Cellars Estate - Three-bottle Vertical - Pheasant Run Cabernet Sauvignon

2014 Block 1 and 3 and 2015 Block 2, Estate

This package includes:

* Wine tasting for six at Kontos Cellars, Skylite Cellars and Solemn Cellars

* Lunch along the way

* Six roundtrip airline tickets aboard Alaska Airlines - Seattle to Walla Walla and return

* Three verticals - total of 9 bottles of wine

* Two nights' stay for six (three couples) in Walla Walla VRBO

Category: Live Auction
Donor(s): Cameron Kontos, Kontos Cellars; Greg Matinko, Skylite Cellars; Justin Basel, solemn Cellars