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L 21 - Lego Out of This World

Sponsored by: Spanaway Moonshiners, Inc. and Catalyst Workplace Activation

Have out-of-this-world fun with this 4-foot, green Legos and space tree!

Reminisce and remember the 1969 Apollo 11 lunar landing with the iconic scene, including the American flag. This tree also includes an incredible Saturn V rocket. Each stage of the rocket can be removed and examined. Enjoy our handcrafted and unique astronauts and space aliens.

On your journey to outer space, you will have the opportunity to be blown away by more than 150,000 Lego pieces used to craft our one-of-a-kind space adventure!

Tree Includes:
Handcrafted astronauts made of Legos
Space aliens made of Legos
Saturn V rocket

Festival Thanks: Special Thanks: Blankenheim Family, Amanda Boley, Maureen Faccia, Lisa Gainey, Howard Family, Linda and Tom Howell, Julie and Benny Jones, Ken and Katy Kirkwood, Hunter Martin, Mike and Joan McGlinchy, Mary O'Brien, Gina Olson, Sawyer Family, Smitty and Linda Smith, TCI Construction, Shannan Van Houten, Jeffery Whittall.

Dream Come True
Category: Live Auction
Donor(s): Designed by: Amy McGlinchy