TG - Foss Festive

Sponsored by: Parker Smith and Feek

In 1889 Thea Foss arrived in Tacoma, Washington, by train. One day while her husband, Andrew, was at work, she spent $5 on a rowboat to transport supplies in and around the Tacoma waterfront, and Foss Maritime was born. To date, Foss is the largest tug and towing company on the west coast.

Tacoma, the Foss Waterway, and the surrounding neighborhoods celebrate this unique perseverance and maritime heritage. The district is booming with all things nautical, plus the art and culture that make this area great!

This stunning and artistically decorated 7-foot, green tree by Parker, Smith & Feek reflects the spirit of the beautiful Tacoma waterfront. This tree is adorned with gorgeous maritime and art-themed ornaments from artist Lisa Stirrett and embodies the nautical feel through and through.

Tree Includes:
Your very own Kayak from NC Kayaks -Family-owned and operated, every NC Kayak is made and shared with love. We have been making kayaks since 1999 and we're happy to share our kayaking knowledge with you
$200 gift card for Flying Circus
$200 gift card to Famous Dave's
$250 gift card to Virtual Sports
High seas children's rocker

Dream Come True
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Donor(s): Parker Smith and Feek