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Your very own butler companion: Meet Maximilian the Butler Bot! Maximilian is ready to be your loyal servant and is prepared to show you all the neat tricks and built-in features he's been given. He talks, sings, navigates, and more on his own or at your command! With the multi-functional remote control, there are dozens of possibilities at your fingertips! Manually control Maximilian's movements with the directional pad, and issue speech, motion, and audio commands! Self-balance and stabilization, Maximilian comes equipped with a built-in gyro system. Watch him balance and maneuver on just two wheels; he even avoids obstacles by himself! When powered off or left alone for a long period of time, he'll engage a stabilization stand. Watch how easily he drives around with the directional pad, you can even command him to follow you on his own! The ultimate A.I. entertainer, Maximilian is ready to make you laugh! He loves to sing, dance, and tell jokes to keep you and your friends and family entertained. You can even record your own short audio clips for him to repeat back to you or someone else in the house for a fun way to pass messages!

Value: $100
Donor(s): SMACNA - No. San Joaquin Valley Chapter