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The FlameWave Fire Pit is an exciting new entertainment system that uses soundwave technology to make flames dance to the beat of your favorite music! You control the flame using the FlameWave's unique features. The fire pit is portable, outdoor-rated and available in standard colors. The great sounding audio features dual marine-grade KICKER speakers and a KICKER PXiBT amplifer. The front panel has 3 audio inputs including Bluetooth, Auxiliary and USB music input. The internal battery can provide 24 hours at full volume. The battery is easily rechargeable (charger included). The cabinet can be rolled through a standard doorway for storage or charging. It is also offered in a contractor model with everything needed to build it into a custom enclosure to match existing outdoor recreation furnishings. The FlameWave Fire Pit is proudly made in the USA by ACP Sheet Metal Co., Inc.

Value: $4,000
Donor(s): Nathan & Shannon Dills