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On any outdoor adventure, Mother Nature's job is to present you with challenges. Whether you're hunting, hiking, fishing, camping, or all of the above, part of the fun and the beauty will be solving the puzzles she poses for you. The Survival Box is a near-guarantee you'll be up to the challenge. The stainless steel multi-tool is a wire cutter, knife, bottle opener, file, a set of screwdrivers, a pair of pliers, plus many more, all in one. The powerful flashlight has three different settings, and the carabiner watch is a reliable timepiece that clips to your hip and never leaves your side. All told, opening the Survival Box gives you instant access to 13 different tools. Your move, Mother Nature. The 3 piece Survival Box contains a folded multi-tool, a long flashlight and a watch.

Value: $100
Donor(s): SMACNA - No. San Joaquin Valley Chapter