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MM 9000 - Golden Lottery Ticket for November 3rd Jubilee (CLICK PURCHASE NOW BUTTON)

Golden Lottery Tickets are here! 50 tickets for sale @ $120. Sound steep? Well, rest assured your generosity will be put to good use: Your $120 purchase is donated directly to the JMPTA. Thank You!
Purchasing a Golden Lottery Ticket has direct benefits for YOU too! A Golden Lottery Ticket allows you to enter our always popular raffle at the gala; the lucky winner gets to choose one of our many coveted Live Auction items! That's right! Prizes include: A stay in Tahoe, prime seat tickets to see the 49ers play, cheer our fabulous Golden State Warriors at Oracle or maybe your'e ready to plan for a long weekend at Disneyland? There's A LOT more to choose from! A Golden Lottery Ticket entry gives you a 1 in 50 chance to win BIG and most importantly our kids at JM win big too!

**Full list of eligible items for golden ticket lottery pull will be released soon. Stay tuned as surprise live auction items are still pending! Winner does not need to be present to win BUT the winner must then choose their item by proxy in order to claim their prize on 11/3/18 or the claim is forfeited. Please don't let that happen friends!

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Expires: 11/3/2018