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TB 4011 - Friday Night "Camping" with Ms. Ziesing, Ms. Strauss, and Ms. Cohn

20 lucky kiddos enjoy an evening "camping trip" on the JM campus aka "Camp Wolverine" with Ms. Ziesing, Ms. Strauss, and Ms. Cohn! Parents please go out and do something for yourself while your camper enjoys a campfire sing-a-long and some not so scary stories. Not an overnight trip but a fun two-hour outing under an Oakland starry night. Priceless!

Date: Fri, April 10, 2020, 6:00pm-8:00pm
Location: Joaquin Miller
Cost: 20 2nd Graders at $45/person
Hosts: Shelby Ziesing, Tessa Strauss, and Sylviane Cohn

Only 1 Left!
Ms. Zeising's and Ms. Strauss' current 2nd graders only please.

Category: Teacher Outings
Donor(s): Tessa Strauss & Micaela Reinstein, Sylviane Cohn, Shelby Zeising
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