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AB 4303 - Flip Flops and Lemon Drops

What's better than a pampering pedicure? A pampering pedicure with a group of friends, delicious food and a lemon drop or two! Put on your favorite flip flops and join us at Isabella Nail Salon in Montclair for your first pedicure of the Spring season. Twenty lucky Joaquin Miller mamas will join us for an evening of fun, conversation and unwinding. Come with a friend, get a group together or join solo and make lots of new friends (especially if you offer to pour the lemon drops).

Date: Thursday, March 19, 2020, 7:00pm
Location: Isabella Nail Salon in Montclair
Cost: 20 Adults at $65/person
Hosts: Janie Johnson, Claire Chessen, Katie Wright, Jesucita Fishel and Carla Zizmor

Only 10 Left!

Doesn't matter, it's for the kids!
Category: Adult Sign-up Parties/Events
Donor(s): Claire Chessen & Alan Horwitz, Evan & Jesucita Fishel, Janie Johnson & Shane De Zilwa, Katie & Martin Wright, Carla & David Zizmor
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