SU - Foam Printing at Dabble Art Studio

When: Sat, April 2 from 4-6p
Where: Dabble Art Studio in Greenwood

Spend an afternoon with Dave, the owner of newly opened Dabble Art Studio in Greenwood, and a small group of Salmon Bay artists-in-the-making creating foam prints. This style of printmaking involves drawing on styrofoam sheets, rolling them with ink, and making prints from that. This is an opportunity to create with your kiddo (any ages) and flex your artistic muscles amongst friends. Salmon Bay parent, Heather Darval and kiddos (Penny, 5th grade and Stellan, 1st grade) will be on hand to greet you, help get folx settled, and make sure things run smoothly.

Once you purchase this party, mark your calendar for the party's date & time. Prior to the party's date, your host will reach out with an official invite and any needed details.

Maximum painters: 10 (5 adult-kid duos)

Value: $40
Category: Sign Up Parties
Donor(s): Hosted by Heather Darval