SU - Introduction to Tincture Making

When: Wednesday, March 23 from 7:00 - 8:15 p.m.
Where: online

Naturopath and Salmon Bay parent, Dr. Laura Eastman, is offering an opportunity to learn about the healing properties of Rosa Damascena, or red rose. After sharing about its ability to open and heal the heart and emotions, we will light a candle, do some intention setting, then make the tincture together. Materials will be provided for making rose bath salts and herbal tincture: jars, salts, alcohol or glycerine, and rose petals, to be picked up at Laura's address in the week prior to class.

You're welcome to have more than one person participate in a Zoom room, but supplies will be provided per ticket sold. Please purchase more than one ticket if multiple people would like to blend the tinctures.

Once you purchase this party, mark your calendar for the party's date & time. Prior to the party's date, your host will reach out with an official invite and any needed details.

Value: $45
Category: Sign Up Parties
Donor(s): Hosted by Dr. Laura Eastman