SU - Salmon Bay Soup Swap

When: Sunday, March 20 & Sunday, March 27
Where: Your front door and Kelly's porch

Looking for an easy lunch or dinner that you can reheat and enjoy? A meal ready to serve that was made with care by another home chef in your Salmon Bay community? Consider the Salmon Bay Soup Swap!

Your host and fellow soup lover, Kelly Tilford, is offering you the opportunity to make and receive a quad of vegetarian soups in quart-sized containers + a loaf of bread dropped off to your porch. Reheat and sip your soup or save for easy lunches that week. or freeze for a soup meal later this spring!

Here's how the soup swap works:
1. You sign up!

2. The host will reach out for your address and, on Sunday, March 20, leave 4 empty 1-quart-sized containers on your porch.

3. You make enough of one type of vegetarian soup to fill the 4 quart-sized containers and include your recipe(s).

4. On Sunday, March 27, you bring your soup to Kelly's house in Ballard and leave it in the cooler on her porch by noon. Your soup can be frozen or fresh, but it should be freezable.

5. Later that same day, Kelly will distribute a variety of soups to participating families along with some fresh bread.

If more than 5 people join, you won't get everyone's soup. You'll still just make 4 and receive 4. Do you REALLY love soup? Sign up for 2 spots!

Once you purchase this party, mark your calendar for the party's date & time. Prior to the party's date, your host will reach out with an official invite and any needed details.

Value: $10
Category: Sign Up Parties
Donor(s): Hosted by Kelly Tilford