SU - Classroom Marketplace (for Adults!)

You've watched your kids participate in classroom marketplace for years. Now, it's your turn! (Or, your turn to take full credit. Wink.)

Classroom marketplaces are an annual learning project in many grade levels at Salmon Bay. Kids make tiny projects and "sell" them to their classmates. Our version for adults is purely for fun. We welcome creatives and non-creatives alike.

Here's how it works:

1. During the week of March 27, your party hosts will deliver an orientation kit to your doorstep featuring instructions for play, ideas for creative marketplace projects that anyone can do, and a sip and snack to keep you motivated while you create.

2. Select your project! Then, you'll have five weeks to make nine of these items for your fellow "classmates." Again, we welcome anything from wacky to pro, salt dough to greeting cards, handmade to hand assembled.

3. During the week of May 1, you'll drop off nine completed projects at Shelby's front porch in Ballard. Your hosts will package up all of the items and, later in the week, deliver your personal collection of marketplace items made by your classmates to your doorstep.

Once you purchase this party, mark your calendar for the party's date & time. Prior to the party's date, your host will reach out with an official invite and any needed details.

"Classroom groups" will include up to 10 people. Regardless of enrollment, the maximum number of projects you'll create is nine.

Value: $10
Category: Sign Up Parties