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L 2 - Rattlesnake Roundup and More

It doesn't get better than spending a sunny morning in mid-May rounding up Rattlesnakes with an expert in the Shadows of Beaverhead Rock, South of Twin Bridges! Arrive by 4-wheeler to the dens, and then post-round-up, it's the perfect time to transition to guided fishing on the Beaverhead River! Before nestling in for the night at the Beaverhead Gateway Ranch, enjoy a delicious steak dinner with plenty of drinks and stories from an unforgettable day!

*Experience for 2-4 people
*This experience will take place on a warm day mid-May.
*Need to arrange date with host soon after the SAA Auction.
*Day will begin approximately at 10:00am.

Category: Live Event Items
Donor(s): Bob Peccia