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O 110 - Keep Your Future in Focus Despite a lil Corona - Hunt Insurance Gift Basket

Gift basket designed to help you "level up". Included in basket: 750ml of Tequila; Beer - Four Corona beers from Mexico!; Chips - Spudniks Potato Chips; Tortillas - Los Cantores - Originals! -When it comes to making tortilla chips, the ancient Aztecs knew better; Crackers - Gone Crackers Olive Oil & Cracked Pepper Crackers; Drink Mix - Minute Mixology Cocktail Mixer: Mix with your favorite alcohol to create a treat that will delight and satisfy guests at any party; Pretzels - East Shore Waffle Pretzels; Olives - Delish Gin Lemon Olives; Hot Sauce - Big Bad Bobby's Chipotle Hot Sauce; Lime - 1 lime; Nuts - Almonds, Chipnuts, and Pistachios; Salsa - Casa de Salsa Medium Salsa; Container - Woven basket which is surprisingly roomy with handles on either side.

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Value: $130
Category: Food & Wine
Donor(s): Hunt Insurance Group LLC
Minimum Bid: $35

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