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P - 3 Day/ 2 Night Stay at The Lodge at Wakulla Springs

Surrounded by 6,000 acres of pristine forest, the Lodge at Wakulla Springs is North Florida's castle. Built in 1937 by industrialist Edward Ball, the Lodge is not only one of the most beautiful buildings of its period, but also one of the few where you can stay overnight. Located in the middle of Wakulla Springs State Park, the Lodge's 27 rooms overlook one of the country's largest springs. Whether you enjoy fine dining in the Edward Ball Dining Room or want to cool off with an ice cream at the world's longest marble soda fountain, the Lodge's timeless beauty surrounds you. Nature, luxury, history, and comfort-all can be found at the Lodge at Wakulla Springs.

Based on availability, special events and holidays may not be available.

Value: $650
Category: Hotel Stays
Expires: 8/1/2021
Donor(s): Guest Services
Minimum Bid: $200