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P - Meeting Room for up to 60 at Coral Conference Room at Weeki Wachee Springs

Meeting room for up to 60 people - includes light refreshments.

Take your board of directors to a unique location for your next board meeting! Weeki Wachee Springs can be a beautiful and historical setting for your next meeting location.

"Weeki Wachee" was named by the Seminole Indians. It means "little spring" or "winding river." The spring is so deep that the bottom has never been found. Each day, more than 117 million gallons of clear, fresh 74-degree water bubbles up out of subterranean caverns. Deep in the spring, the surge of the current is so strong that it can knock a scuba diver's mask off. The basin of the spring is 100 feet wide with limestone sides and there, where the mermaids swim, 16 to 20 feet below the surface, the current runs a strong five miles an hour. It's quite a feat for a mermaid to stay in one place in such a current. Flowing from the spring, the Weeki Wachee River winds its way 12 miles to the Gulf of Mexico.

Based on availability, special events and holidays may not be available.

Value: $450
Category: Professional Services
Expires: 8/1/2021
Donor(s): Guest Services
Minimum Bid: $110