The FAQ’s for Rotary of Mill Creek’s “Virtual” Auction   

Does the Auction cost anything to attend?

No, and anyone located anywhere is welcome to join us, invite your family, business associates, neighbors and friends!

Why do I pre-register?

This helps us know who/how many will be attending the event and to practice going to the site. You will register through your cell phoneType 71760 – in the To: section of texting,  and in the Message section type in: rcmc click enter. This will take you to the Text2Bid site. Click on the Text2Bid then on Around the World.  The whole auction should be there for you to see and to bid on the Silent after May 9th at 8:00 AM and the Live after 8AM on the 13th.  ONCE YOU HAVE REGISTERED, and you go out of the website you can go back by  FINDING YOUR ORIGINAL TEXT   71760 in your text message box, click on it, click the text2bid  and you will be taken to the Around the World Rotary website.  

Do I have to pre-register?

No. You are still welcome to access the auction platform at You will be able to see the silent and live auction items.

If you want to be able to bid you will need register FIRST,  to do it through Text2Bid.  On your cell phone go to the text area, type in the  To: 71760 (area of a text on your phone.)  In The message part you put rcmc( making sure that it does not autocorrect and put a space in between the rc and mc.)

Do I need to put a credit card in when I pre-register?

NO- You will only put a credit card in if you are purchasing an item, or would like to support “A HAND-UP IN SUPPORT OF Mill Creek Rotary’s local and global communities” or make a donation early…. before the night of the event.

When can I start bidding on items?                                                                                           

Silent Auction items will be open to begin bidding on: Sunday, May 9th at 8 AM through Friday, May 14th at 9:00 PM. You will bid through the Text2Bid portal on you cell phone. Text area 71760 Message area type: rcmc then enter.

The LIVE Auction Items will be open to begin bidding on: Thursday, May 13th at 8AM through the Text2Bid: 71760 rcmc until 9:00PM on Friday, May 14th.

How many Silent and LIVE Auction items do you have?

Over 265 silent and 13 live auction items are available! Items will continue to be added to the auction so check frequently to see the wonderful donations we have been receiving.

How do I get into Text2Bid?

Instructions are  above and also on the   Event page, look for the phone on the left of the Home page.

The Text2Bid function and registration is open.

You can register your name and information. Bidding will begin Sunday May 9, 2021 for all the Silent auctions. Bidding for the Live will begin Thursday, May 13th, 8AM.

Text2Bid is not accepting my Auto Bid. What do I do?

This function will only start working on Sunday, May 9th after 8 AM. Do not use decimals or commas when putting in your bid. 

Where do I put in a credit card to bid?

You will put payment information into Text2Bid. You will “check out” and pay through Text2Bid the night of the event. You will see everything you have purchased in an emailed itemized receipt.

What if I am having problems the night of the event? Who do I call ?

The night of the event, Please call: Frank Simons: at 206-228-1678 with any questions you may have.

How do I watch the Pre-show and Live Event?

You can watch the event on any electronic device such as a computer or laptop. If you are tech savvy and have an HDMI cable you can hook your computer or laptop up to your television (if compatible) to watch it on a larger screen. You may also use your smart cell phone to watch the live show, but then be sure you have another smart cell phone available for bidding. Bidding can only be done on your cell phone and it will be impossible to watch the live show and bid at the same time when using the same phone. The Pre-show begins at 6pm. LIVE Event begins at 6:30 pm.

What is in the Pre-Show? On the  Home page

The Pre-Show runs from 6-6:30 pm on Friday, May 14th. This video includes instructions on how to get started, some fun surprises with pictures, videos and more!

What happens if I put a credit card into Text2Bid and I don’t end up buying anything?

Nothing. You will not be charged anything.

What if I just want to make a donation to support the MILL CREEK ROTARY FOUNDATION?

You can make a donation right on the site. Click “Make A Donation” and you can pay with a credit card right there. You can also make a donation through Text2Bid: 71760 rcmc.

How long is the event going to be?

The Pre-show is 30 min, scheduled from 6-6:30 pm. The LIVE event starts at 6:30 pm and will be approximately one hour.

If I win something, how do I get my item?

We will be offering complimentary deliveries within the Mill Creek area on Sunday, May 16th. This is why it is important to give us your address and phone number when you register .

You will be contacted Saturday, May 15th to confirm your Sunday delivery. We will be delivering Sunday, May 16th between 10 AM and 4 PM.

If you cannot be home on Sunday, May 16th, you must call ( Vicki at 425-241-1641 or Judy at 425-308-6033 ) and make arrangements to collect your items on Monday.

Is the Rotary of Mill Creek Foundation a non-profit organization?

Yes. Tax Id: 501(C0)(3) Federal Tax ID:91-1654238

What do the proceeds for this event support?

The proceeds from this event will help fund the numerous projects, charities and people in need around our local community and globally. Thank you in advance for your generosity in helping us to meet the needs of the community, particularly in these uncertain times. If you would like please, go to for more detailed information about all the projects, charities and people we have helped.