Thank you so much for wanting to donate! 
If you would like to donate a live item or an experience please send an email to Lori Wilkin and briefly explain your idea. Let us know if you see it as a live item or an experience (definitions below).

Your auction donation will be reviewed by our team of auction volunteers and if approved, a link will be sent to you via email to finalize your donation.
This year we will have a very limited number of items - six live items and twelve experiences (see definitions below). If your item is not approved please do not take it personally! There may be any number of reasons that it might not work this year.

The deadline for delivering all auction items is Friday, April 19, 2019!
Experiences/Live Items Definitions Defined
Live Items – These are higher-value items that will be auctioned off during the main program at the event. Vacation at a lake house, or 7 course dinner for 8, or valuable Seahawks package, etc.

Experiences – These are not auctioned off. These are community-building events. The purchaser essentially buys “tickets” (or spots) to an event. For example: Parent A offers to have a wine and chocolate party for ladies at her house for 10. Parent A picks a date and time. Parent A and our procurement volunteers decide on a price per spot – say in this case - $75. Purchasers but 1 spot (or 2 or more) spots for that price. Experiences will be sold prior to the event.