Who We Are

The Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts is a 15-year-old nonprofit institution dedicated to encouraging and advocating for the visual and performing arts by providing a forum where diverse audiences can actively participate in cultural experiences. Housed in the renovated 100-year-old former Suffolk High School building, the Suffolk Center’s architecture and cultural significance make it “the crown jewel of Suffolk.”

What We Do

The Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts provides observational, experiential, and participatory opportunities for the community to enjoy and expand its awareness of the arts. It serves about 30,000 people a year with educational, cultural, and entertainment programs, including students in various public, private, and homeschool settings. Classes and workshops in disciplines as diverse as dance, painting, writing, glass art, music, and theater also serve as the primary means of extra-curricular arts education for children and adults throughout Suffolk and much of the surrounding community.

The building is used for a range of other community-supportive functions, including corporate meetings, weddings, summer camps, arts-related day care, fundraisers for community service organizations, and tourist events and programs. Its art galleries have hosted installations from a variety of area arts groups, and its professional-level theatre and ballroom have hosted nationally and internationally acclaimed performances, along with movie nights for families, holiday parties and dances, fundraising auctions and luncheons for community organizations, and even workshop weekends for aspiring writers.