Having started the first runaway youth shelter in the nation in 1967, Huckleberry Youth Programs has an extensive history of promoting social justice and equity by partnering with youth and families who have experienced adversity build a better future for themselves. A young person’s successful transition from adolescence to adulthood is the result of numerous factors, including their ability to manage stress and emotions, their physical and mental health, their connection to others, and their access to the knowledge, tools, and resources to work towards their goals. Adolescence is a pivotal time to invest in services for youth; during this period, youth are experiencing dramatic physical, mental, emotional and social changes, and the decisions that they make during this period can have a lifelong impact. Huckleberry services are designed within a social justice framework, and provide young people with support and access to opportunities to successfully navigate these complex dynamics.
Huckleberry uses an assets-based approach; we firmly believe that the youth we serve have immense strengths, resilience, and grit, but many encounter systemic barriers to accessing resources and opportunities to reach their full potential. We provide services that promote safety in times of crisis, physical and emotional health and well-being, social justice in communities facing inequality, and educational success. We meet youth and families where they are and empower them with access to knowledge, skills, and resources to develop stronger ties, self-advocate, and create a more equitable and just community.
Thank you for joining us as we advocate for social justice and equity for communities that have experienced systemic oppression for far too long! RISE UP for youth and family rights!
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