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The 20 th Anniversary Hope for All Gala
an Entertainment Extravaganza!

Take a look at this dynamic lineup.

 Evelyn "Champagne" King

Evelyn "Champagne" King is one of the few disco stars who successfully weathered the decline of disco to have more hits through the 1980's. Not only did she manage to survive as a star into the 1980's, she is still recording and touring frequently today. Evelyn was born into a musical family. She was born in The Bronx and her father, Erick King, performed often as a stand-in singer for various groups, occasionally at the legendary Apollo Theatre. Later, her family moved to Philadelphia, at 14-years-old Evelyn began performing professionally with a local band from South Philly.

At age 15, Evelyn's big break came in storybook fashion. Legend has it she was working, subbing for her sister as a cleaning woman at Philadelphia's Sigma Studios, and singing “A Change Is Gonna Come. ”Well known producer, singer, songwriter, for many Artist in Philadelphia and member of the group “Spiritual Concept T. (Theodore) Life,” heard her singing. T. Life decided to sign her to his own production deal , and then introduced her to songwriters John Fitch & Ruben Cross when the magic happened. Then introduced to RCA Records Warren Schatz & Nancy Jeffries. Where she then was signed to a contract deal and produced her first album Smooth Talk . The album included the disco dance smash hit “Shame.”. Evelyn was on her way. The follow-up, “I Don't Know If It's Right” was a major mid-tempo R&B hit.
Evelyn continued to hit the charts through the rest of the early 1980's. In the late 1980's she left RCA for E.M.I. Records. The result was another major hit with “Flirt.”
King's 1995 album The Girl Next Door is a celebration of this philosophy: a spirited, ear-opening 10-song platter that is all Evelyn. Produced by such luminaries as Leon Silver III and Gene Dozier, Nayan, Ten City, Marshall Jefferson, and her brother Johnny King, The Girl Next Door deftly showcases the versatile musical and vocal talent that has kept the artist among the most important female vocalists of the past decade.
Over Evelyn’s 10 album career ( The Girl Next Door became her 11th LP), fans and critics have continued to watch the artist grow and expand creatively.
Without issue Evelyn "Champagne" King has continued to enjoy success over time. Hers is a name that commands respect within the industry, a name which has remained prominent in the Pop, Club and R&B arenas since the artist burst onto the music scene.
Evelyn has since received a, “ Dance Music Hall of Fame Award ”, “ Living Legend Award , and countless Outstanding Achievement Awards for the work she continues to do in the music world. 


Evelyn “Champagne” King Discography

Studio Albums

· Smooth Talk – Certified Platinum

· Music Box – Certified Gold

· Call on Me

· I'm In Love – Certified Gold

· Get Loose – Certified 2x Platinum & #1 R&B

· Face to Face

· So Romantic

· A Long Time Coming (A Change Is Gonna Come)

· Flirt

· Girl Next Door

· I'll Keep a Light On

· Open Book

· Fans Favorites

Billboard Hit Singles

·  Shame – Billboard Top 10 US, US R&B, & US Dance, 
Inducted into Dance Music Hall of Fame

· I Don’t Know if Its’s Right – Billboard Top 100 US R&B

· I’m In Love – Number 1 Billboard US & US R&B

· If You Want My Lovin – Number 1 Billboard US Dance

· Love Come Down – Number 1 Billboard US R&B & US Dance

· Get Loose Number 1 Billboard US R&B

· Betcha She Don’t Love You – Number 2 Billboard US R&B

· Flirt – Number 3 Billboard US R&B

· Hold on to What You Got – Billboard Top 10 US R&B & US Dance

· One More Time - Billboard Top 10 US Dance

Los Wizzards

Los Wizzards  want to make you dance. Their rhythms and infectious sound are designed to make you do just that. And if you don't, the local band's members, starting with founder Wizzmer, might just go get you out of your seat.

That’s the positive vibe and energy that the eight-member group gives off in its shows, YouTube videos, and even in publicity photos. Their jam sound is a party waiting to happen!

Los Wizzards earned fans through reimagined versions of well-known hits. Their original tunes “Spanglish Love” and “Jodido Pero en Miami” have racked up listens on Spotify and YouTube. They're also working on an EP, with four singles already prepped for release.


Yoli Mayor 


If the title “the Cuban Adele” sounds like a big deal, it’s because it is. To be dubbed as such means to be in the company of one of the most talented vocalists on the planet. “It’s an honor,” says  Yoli Mayor , a performer who's been given the nickname by both the  Miami Herald  and  Huffington Post . Mayor has created her own soulful sound that earned her a standing ovation and praise from the judges on “America’s Got Talent.”


 Jimi Dred 

Jimi Dred, singer, musician, songwriter is most noted as the Band Leader, Singer/Keyboardist for legendary Miami reggae band Inna Sense, which was nominated for a Most Promising Artist Reggae Grammy.  Jimi has performed for the Royal Family of Monaco during a South of France tour backing up Julian Lennon for Salt Water shows to raise awareness and help save the Australian Rain Forest.

Jimi Dred wrote and produced the Inna Sense song Precious Time used in TV show CSI Miami and Hollywood film Buckey Larson: Born to Be a Star.  Jimi has toured with Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Mikey Dreads and played keyboards and bass on Dreads last record.  Jimi Dred’s Hit songs include Hawaiian music charts  Let your Love Flow, Jockey Rider- Every Woman Want the Rider feat. Jimi Dred, and Euro hit Spawn Blonde Waterfalls Feat. Jimi Dred which Jimi also co-wrote.


 Dance Now Miami
Dance Now! Miami, in residence at Miami’s Little Haiti Cultural Center, was founded on Miami Beach in 2000 by Diego Salterini and Hannah Baumgarten. As creative collaborators, their work bridges diverse backgrounds in ballet, modern dance and jazz, creating poetic narrative and theatrical artistry filled with fierce athleticism, featuring world-class performers and collaborators.

In the years since its premiere on Miami Beach, the Ensemble has grown in the eyes of audiences and critics as the most exciting and ambitious contemporary dance troupe in the area.

“…..unabashed beauty…” (Annie Hollingsworth, Artburst)

“…not only elegant and fierce, but dedicated to its community…a mature, exciting and hounds breaking company” (Miguel Estefan, Miami Art Guide)

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