Thank you for your support of the Port Townsend Rotary Online Auction and your community!

Online Bidding Instructions 

There are 2 AUCTION TYPES:

Biddable Items and Own It!**  These auctions close on Sunday, April 28th at 6:00pm.  The winning bidders will be notified, and their credit card charged.   
**OWN IT! is a one-click full-value purchase. These are items that you would happily purchase anyway... but thanks to the Donor's generosity, that money will now go to Rotary.  Bidding full price on an OWN IT! gives you a great chance to win, but if someone wants to be even more generous they can bid it up.  Good luck!
How Do I Place a Bid on an Biddable Item?
  • Click the "Online Auction" categories in the left menu bar (yellow bars)
  • Click on the image or title of the item to view the details and bid box (you can click on a image and examine it more closely)
  • Enter a value in the bid box which equals or exceeds the suggested next bid
  • Click "Submit Online Bid." If you have not already signed-in, you will be prompted for your last name and password.
You will then see your bid in the current bid box and a confirmation message that you are the top bidder. MaestroWeb will automatically update the current bid information and time remaining every minute.
At the end of the auction, click back to home button, look again at your item and if you won the bidding, it should have SOLD written across the tile. Yes, you WON! and will be hearing from us at the end of the auction. 

How Can I Determine Whether I Still Have the Top Bid?

Click the "My Bids" tab near the top right of the screen to display all your bids. If any of your bids are still the highest, they will be highlighted in red . You can also see a summary of the highest bid for each online auction item by selecting the " Top_Bids " report on the pulldown in the My Bids top tab. The same information shows in the " My Bids " tab under " My Account "
You'll also find a complete list of bids for a particular item by clicking the "Bid History" link adjacent to the "Number of Bids" heading on the corresponding Item Details page.

What is the "Buy Now" Link For?

The biddable auction items have a " Buy Now " link (after clicking the tile) and corresponding premium purchase price in the bid box. If you click this " Buy Now " link, you'll immediately outbid everyone and the item will show in your " My Bids " tab under " My Account " (and on the " My Bids " tab in the upper banner) in red text showing it has been purchased at that price.
Click back to home button, look again at your item and it should have SOLD written across the tile. You WON! and will be hearing from us at the end of the auction.

When is the Auction Finished?

The time remaining for any item is always displayed in the top right-hand corner of the corresponding bid box.

What Happens When the Auction is Finished?

When the bidding is finished, all purchased items will automatically indicate that they've been "SOLD". If you are the lucky top bidder for any item(s), you will receive an email confirmation with pick-up and payment instructions.
Cash Donations.   These items are charged to your credit card immediately. 
There is an Add Item to Wish List  button on each item. To find it when you return, click the My Account button.  Come back often, there may be new items added anytime.
To bid you must have an account with our secure system and have your credit card stored.  Credit card information will be purged after payment.  To maintain maximum credit card security,you will need to create your own account with a simple password.  Your credit card number will then be maintained by a secure system, through the end of the Auction.
-  If you need to pay by check, please contact Jo 424-333-5413 or Cindy 
General Auction Notes:
Thank you for being part of this charity auction.  You will receive an Award Certificate for each item you purchase, plus a Statement showing all of your payments.  Rotary is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and your payments are tax deductible as a charitable donation, to the limit provided by law.
  • Please pay attention to all conditions and expiration dates.  With the caveat that event dates may be postponed due to extenuating circumstances.
  • Each person assumes all risks and hazards related to the auction and items obtained at the auction and agrees to hold harmless from any liability arising there from all parties connected with the Auction.
  • Port Townsend Rotary Club has attempted to describe and catalog all items correctly, but all items are offered “as is.”  The club neither warrants nor represents and in no event shall be responsible for the correctness of descriptions, authorship, provenance, or condition of the items. All purchases are final.  No certificates are redeemable for cash. 
  • All purchases are subject to a 5% administrative charge to partially offset third-party costs for the auction operation.
  • Port Townsend Rotary reserves the right to add or withdraw, without notice, items in the auction. 
Be sure your contact information is correct on your My Account tab
Gift Cards/Certificates: will be mailed, 1st class.

Tangible items:
- You may pick up your items, or Rotarians will deliver in the immediate Port Townsend area, before May 7th .
- Please call Sheldon to set a date/time for delivery or pickup: 209-484-0099 or
- Some lighter tangible items can be mailed. Each item description lists the weight. You will be charged for postage.

Questions?  Contact Maestro Master Jo: 424-333-5413 or
     (and, yes, she IS a rocket scientist!)