Donation Ideas From A to Z! 

A is for…
  • Airline tickets/miles/points

  • Autographed memorabilia

B is for…

  • Beach houses

  • Bed and Breakfast stays

  • Basketball tickets

  • Babysitting for a few hours

  • Birthday parties for the kiddos!

C is for…

  • Your condo for a vacation week

  • Credit card points

  • Cooking lessons

  • Wash-a-Car (inside and out)

  • Clean a closet/pantry/playroom/house!

D is for…

  • Dinner certificates

  • Decorating services/color consult

  • Dog walking

  • Design – holiday card/baby announcement

E is for…

  • Earrings

  • Enlist friends to donate good/services/$

  • Errand running for an afternoon

F is for…

  • Floral arrangements

  • Furniture

  • Frequent flyer miles

G is for…

  • Golf equipment

  • Gift card you don’t want!

  • Getaways

H is for…

  • Health club membership

  • Home improvement

  • Helpers for hire/handyman services

  • Host a Girl’s Night – provide drinks and food

  • Home delivered homemade meal

  • Hang artwork in your house

I is for…

  • iPod/iPad/iPhone/iTunes card

  • Independent business – goods/services

J is for…

  • Jewelry

  • Just about anything!

K is for…

  • Kid party – hand deliver all supplies

  • Keepsakes

  • Kindergarten supplies

L is for….

  • Limo Service

  • Landscaping/Lawn Service

M is for…

  • Manicure/pedicure certificate

  • Monday night football party (provide beer and nachos)

  • Mommy pampering prizes

N is for…

  • Night at the movies (provide DVD, popcorn & drinks)

  • Nationals Tickets

O is for…

  • Opera tickets

  • Original art

  • Out-of-town weekend

P is for…

  • Photography

  • Pony rides

  • Politician meet & greet

  • Paint a room/furniture piece/mailbox

  • Pizza party (provide pizza and drinks)

  • Playdate!

Q is for…

  • Queen for a day package

  • Quality accessories

R is for…

  • Restaurant gift certificate

  • Redskins or Ravens tickets

  • Re-gift! Donate a gift you didn’t want.

S is for…

  • Swim lessons/swim toys

  • Spa services

  • Snack time – homemade cookies & juice delivered for your kids & friends

T is for…

  • Travel deals

  • Toys and games

  • Tickets to the theater or concert

U is for…

  • Your unique talent to the highest bidder

  • Unicorn and fantasy basket

  • Uncommon gifts

V is for…

  • Video games/video game system

  • Vintage collectibles

  • Vacation property for a week/weekend

W is for…

  • Host a Wine and Cheese night

  • Wine

X is for…

  • X Box

  • Xtreme sports (skateboards, white water rafting, ski passes, roller skating passes)

Y is for…

  • Yoga classes

  • Yummy sweets

  • Yard work (3 hours or more!)

  • Your time (babysit, pet-sit, car wash, odd jobs, handyman service)

Z is for…

  • Zoo membership

  • Zip Line Passes (Terrapin Adventures)

  • Zappos Gift Card